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Role of the Community Pharmacist

Traditionally, the role of the community pharmacist is to provide medications to patients based on a prescription from their doctor. However, the role of the pharmacist has evolved greatly and is now deeply involved in a number of other health initiatives.

  • Processing prescriptions: checking the prescription from the doctor and preparing the medication for the patient.

  • Checking for drug interactions: making sure that the medications and doses are appropriate for the patient considering health factors and other medications.

  • Dispensing medications: labeling the medication correctly with instructions for the patient about how to take the medication.

  • Disposing of medication: taking unneeded medications from patients and disposing of them safely.

  • Providing advice: helping patients to understand their health and medicines and giving appropriate advice.

  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle: supporting patients to make healthier choices, such as eating more nutritious food, exercising more often or stopping smoking.

  • Overall, to ensure that the proper resources are provided to you that will help promote a healthy life.

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